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Coach Natalie Traina and Coach Erika Velez formed East Coast Drive (ECD) in August 2012. Our program is about the love for the game of softball, and there is much more to the game of softball than just talent and skills. ECD is about how much HEART you have, ECD is about how much PASSION you put into every play and every swing; ECD is about your DRIVE to be successful.  The will to never give up, the will to be pushed to greatness, the will to want it and prove it. ECD is about getting their players to the next level of their game.  ECD is about competing and being able to play all aspects of the game of softball. ECD will teach and work every single player to be a better and SMARTER player.


East Coast Drive is not the softball training program.  As former NCAA Collegiate athletes, we understand the ins and outs of the game.  We understand what goes on within every athlete’s head and strive to push her past her max.  You do not have to worry about politics and “daddy ball” at ECD.  Our main goal is to push each female athlete on their way to greatness.  We expect the best from our athletes and our duty is to get them there. Mentally and physically, we want positive changes to occur when an athlete joins the ECD program to carry with them throughout their career, as well as their life after the game.

Softball isn’t just about talent and skills. Softball is about Heart, it’s about Passion. It’s about the desire to win, the will to fight back, the hunger to play the game.

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  1. I am so excited for my players to be playing in the USAElite showcase games this weekend. They will be playing in front of over 100 college coaches. They have worked so hard this past year and it is coming to a close. Good luck ladies… let’s go ECD!!!!!!

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